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The Time to Prepare Your Car for the Winter is Now

Posted by Tu Resuelve Auto Parts on 9/30/2014 to DEPARTAMENTO DE TALLER DE MECANICA
There is no denying it; winter is on the nigh. And, all of us must get ready for the colder months by preparing our rides for the wetness, cold, and challenges that winter brings. 

The first thing you have got to check when preparing your car for winter is its tires. When the roads are wet and icy, traction is of the utmost importance. This means that your car’s tires need to be in good condition. Inspect your tires to look for uneven wear or too much wear. If you find the former, rotate your tires and have your car’s alignment checked. If your tires are very worn, replace them. 

Cold temperatures can wreak havoc on batteries. If your battery is weak or old, you want to get a new one now. Testing your battery is easy-peasy if you have an inexpensive battery tester. If you do not have one, many mechanics will test your battery free of charge. 

Your radiator and the liquid that it holds keep your car from getting too hot. However, your radiator cannot do this if its liquid freezes solid. Before winter sets in, flush your radiator and fill it with coolant. This does not take much time, money, or even any special knowledge. Oh, but make sure that you follow the instructions on the coolant to make sure you mix it properly. 

If you live and drive where temperatures drop below freezing often, you should replace your oil with an oil of a thinner viscosity. The cold temperatures thicken your oil, which can be tough for engines to work with. 

Wiper Blades 
Do you know the lifespan of a set of wiper blades? No? Well, it is only six months. Odds are that your wiper blades are older than that. Replace them. It is easy and not expensive at all. When the rain and snow starts falling, you will thank your new wipers. 

Finally, you must prepare for the worst. Get together an emergency kit that contains water, snack foods, kitty litter (for traction on snow and ice), blankets, gloves, socks, hats, a flashlight, jumper cables, and four road flares.